The various types of paintings that can be done for pets

There is a lot of difference when one gets a computerized photo and a hand-made painting from a talented artist. There has always been one thing or the other when it comes to the pet portraits in oils. If you are among the person who believes in having a good memory of your pet even after its death then without any second though you should approach the oil painters and get a good painting done of your pet. The types of painting that can be done for a portrait are many. Out of the various types of painting options, we’ll be discussing some of them further in this article so that one can have a brief idea.

If you want dog portraits from photos then you need to supply the photos to the artists who will be doing the painting. The first type of artwork is the normal pencil drawing with various kinds of pencil shades. It gives a good look to the portrait. The second type is the complete oil coloring of the portrait. It involves the artist to use the actual oils which have colors and add them in the portrait. The third type which can be availed is the painting with the help of water colors. These colors are different from the oil paints and give a watery kind of look to the portrait. The fourth type is the drawing of the pet with the help of charcoal. This type of drawing gives a dark look to the portrait.

Among all the above types of painting options, the pet portraits in oils. painting have been always adored. It has given them the actual colors that are seen in real life and the painting come out to be completely different from the other types which are always liked by the owners.