The games that are played by people in the original sense are meant to gain either knowledge or fun or some specified quality. The reasons for sending the requests for games are to enhance the quality that people are lagging in them. Everything comes from the beginning and the same is the case with the kids in special basis. Kids tend to learn from their surroundings and things that are learned at a tender age are always given a very higher level of importance in brain to make the stock always available to be used in the real life manner. The problem solving and other fine qualities like the development of various skills and trying to be moral can be achieved and trained for kids on the tool called the nursery rhymes that every child is taught at the level of kindergarten.

People are following internet not just for relaxation and other purposes of comfort but also for good reasons like teaching to kids. Kids who do not have any idea on general things will be given an option to learn about them in the internet. Akirah's video for kids on internet is special for the same qualities for different videos. The some of the videos are the surprise eggs, sponge bob, and bat man, inside out, hello kitty, spider man, frozen, Elsa and many others. The analytical manner problem solving is the first option to be learnt by kids and for the same reason is the inside out.

Here there are puzzles that are solved by kids that show the five various important feelings in terms of five distinct characters. The feelings are the sadness, fear, anger, joy and disgust. The puzzle solving of the inside out can develop the betterment of problem solving skills in adults, enhance the motor skills for kids and apart from them the mostly entertainment.

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