Find the best quotes from Celebrity bios

Celebrities are often hailed for their on screen portrayals of the top characters be it fictional or real, in some way or another, the movies have influenced the lives of people by bringing about the change that the people need and they have done indeed a great job with it. Some quotes given by the very celebrities tend to become so popular that some people base their lives on it.

This power of words is what sets the celebrity wiki apart from that of others and it is perfectly understandable why. The celebrities that we know take on different roles and faces and every new one has something to say to the crowd and this way, people don't really know what the next one will be but hang on to every single word that comes from their heroes.
This kind of devotion is what has made Celebrity bios very popular in both the book form as well as the internet, however, since many people rather prefer screen than paper, the online based biographies have become a hit among the people who read them as well as the fans who follow it religiously in matters of even establishing and maintaining forums related to the celebrity.

There are thousands of people who constitute these forums and are a part of the movement, many people who are new to the celebrity biographies often have a lot of doubts in relation to the celebrity and need a lot of answers to their questions and for this purpose, the online forums are there to help the people in getting the answers that they need to their many questions.
The celebrity forums are always full of frequently asked questions, answers and discussions regarding the celebrities and their different movies.