Barack Obama net worth and his education

In 2016 Barack Obama net worth is approximately $12.2 million, where as in 2007 it was roughly $1.3 million. Apart from his political career he has involved in several professions – but be it a law professor, author, lawyer or politician he is as good as usual. There is no confusion that Barak Obama is a very good orator. More interestingly he knows how to grab the pulse of public. It is indeed very enjoyable to listen to his talk show, speech or live chat program. He has a huge fan following.

• Education played an important role in achieving Barack Obama net worth: While Obama was six years old, he was admitted in local Indonesian Language School for his primary education. But in the year 1971 having moved to Honolulu and his name was enrolled in class five in Punahou School where he achieved scholarship. Between 1971 and 1979, he was at Punahou School and completed his school education securing good marks. Having finished school education Barack Obama went to Los Angles for attending Occidental College. In 1981 he got his first break and made his first public appearance where he gave speech on racial segregation and raised voice against of apartheid policy in South Africa. Campaign against apartheid was huge success. • A new chapter started in Columbia University: 1981, he entered Columbia College under Colombia University as a junior. He had chosen political science with a special paper, international relations. Three years later he earned his BA degree.

After his graduation he joined Business International Corporation and worked for one year before moving to the New York Public Interest Research Group. Within a few years his ambition was changed and gradually inclining towards politics. People started recognizing him for his excellent leadership and humanitarian work. If someone wants to know Obama, would go throughBarack Obama wiki where almost everything is written down.

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