Living Life to the Nines


I’ve coined a brand new phrase and also philosophy referred to as “Living Life to the Nines.” Doesn’big t that conjure up all sorts of optimistic connotations? We’ve all heard the phrase “dressed to the nines,” meaning being dressed up extraordinarily properly. How about “cloud nine” – that blissfully happy place on top of the planet?
“Living Existence to the Nines” is a concept and a practice. It’azines about taking hold of your life, goal setting techniques and targeting complete fulfillment in whatever you do. Regardless of whether you already have composed goals or otherwise not, this workout can help you produce and manage the considerable goals you know will influence your personal and also professional success.

Managers regarding technology techniques strive for one thing called the “5 nines,” which means they may be up and running Ninety nine.999 percent of the time. Wouldn’t or not it's great when all areas of our lives proved helpful as successfully as that? Even if you end up at 98.987 percent pleasure, that’s pretty great!
Organizations provide customer surveys which ask for truthful opinions, rating satisfaction on the scale from one to ten (1-10). Once they use the method as a powerful feedback instrument, it helps these run more efficiently. How would you operate if you always wanted to get a Nine.0 or better?
This particular leads all of us to how you can Live Life towards the Nines. You start simply by rating yourself. Take a moment as well as rate your height of satisfaction within the following areas:
- job and/or business
-personal finances
- physical fitness
- intimate relationships/romance
- fun and adventure
-your environment (residence, office, vehicle)

-spiritualityNow set a goal in one, two or three areas to raise your score to 9 over the following 90 days, and hang up a reminder to be able to revisit your own list and see how you have scored – periodically taking a “snapshot” rating and setting new goals, until you get Just about all 9’s (or until that doesn’t appear the score is, because all areas in your life are awesome!) Not only will this support a robust goal-setting as well as achievement framework for each area of your life, but you’ll realize that as you fan up one area, other areas acquire uplifted almost immediately.
Aim for goals that are any stretch, but not completely over the budget, and discuss your goals along with like-minded, ambitious people or someone who you know will help you achieve what you're truly able to do.
And inform me how it goes – I ‘n love to read your comments as you get the nines or enable you to as you go for it!

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