Precisely What does Marketo Do?

I’m asked this question over and over again by clients, partners, family and friends and I have answered it in so many different ways to fit the person asking.

But I really knew I must be very creative with my answer, when my father, a tradesman, who has got little knowledge on most recent technical developments, asked the question "Precisely what is Marketo?" “It's software” wasn't going to cut it.

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Marketo is known as a Tool
I put myself in his shoes for a moment. I used chainsaw as a comparison tool given that he is very skilled in handling it. I asked my father if he knew how large trees were cut down in the 1800s. How it took 2 well-trained and strong guys quite a few days pricey overgrown hack saw?

I quickly said to him Marketo is similar to a chainsaw.

Similar to the chainsaw, it is much easier to get properly trained in Marketo and takes significantly less time to achieve its target compared to other options. If you are not heedful, it is easy to cut-off your own arm. To see the full picture, I asked him to imagine the log cutters as marketers.

I had been employed at Marketo when he asked me this question. He was satisfied with my explanation but my dad, a former businessman himself, wished to learn more, after I told him that I decided to start a new business as a Marketo partner.

Marketo is a Process
I continued playing with analogies which he would easily comprehend.

Because my father enjoys the show 'Survivor' and also likes fishing, I made use of a 'survival on an isolated island scenario.'

Think your aircraft falls off on a remote island in the Pacific. To live you will have to feed yourself. One quickest and best survival technique is to use a pointed stick to try and spear fish after which cooking them yourself. At this stage you’re a traditional sales person.

As sea food are plentiful, soon you're so busy fishing, that you'll require help; therefore you recruit someone else to do the cooking. Right now, the cook becomes the sales representative which means you are now the marketer.

Expand Your Reach With Marketo
Over time your success is spotted across the island and before you know it more and more people want to join you. Your small tribe starts to expand and you now begin to see a few new obstacles.

You just can’t capture sufficient fish by using a spear to keep up with demand. Plus, the fish are getting accustomed to your behaviour - whenever you get near them, they immediately swim away from the coast. Because of this, your food resources end up inadequate to feed your tribe any more.

You need to think on your feet, so you look for new methods to catch more fish. You decide to create a fish net, but it still doesn't fix your problem fully. Though it covers a wider region and traps a good amount of fish effortlessly, not all are edible fish to consume. You end-up spending a lot of time for tossing back fish that are not fit to eat or too small to cook.

To accelerate the process you enroll another tribe member to sort the catch. He will be known as inside sales person in an actual corporate world.

After some time, you run into a bigger issue: there are less and less fish big enough to eat! Though your fishnet is full, you find yourself putting back the majority of them.

Marketo Help Nurture and Expand Your Business
You discuss solutions and realize you don't have to throw fish back the least bit. Instead you create an enclosure in the water and raise a fish farm by placing the fish you catch. Now you have developed a good fish farming system.

Your task is straightforward now - simply feed your fish until they grow large enough to prepare. Your food supply surpasses the demand and the work is far less laborious, providing opportunity for your group to develop.

Soon you bring in someone else for the fishing job as you have to take care of only one critical job: overseeing the end-to-end process to ensure you always have adequate fish supply for your expanding tribe group.

Marketo Can Help You in Simplifying Your Process
You discover you are able to predict exactly how many fish you need each week, how many worms you would need for them, and how many fish will grow into the ideal size via by counting the fish that have been caught, fed, categorized and cooked.

You'll be responsible to make the plan, create the strategy and carry out it effectively - Overall, you are the Chief (Marketing Officer) for the whole operation.

This is exactly Marketo; it is a tool and a process to assist you to catch, farm, sort and prepare the fish - also known as the customers.

Expanding the Analogy - Marketing and Fishing
You can expand the analogy to cover the many different activities of marketing. The way in which fish bait is utilized to capture fish could be related to how social media, videos and articles are used to market products or businesses. Fish feeding is similar to producing specific content to nurture the potential leads. Then finally, planning a strategy for creating, delivering and managing your marketing content (content strategy) is similar to finding/growing the fish food.

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