Tanis Singer – The Story


Born in 1993 within Paris, Tanis is the daughter of author-producer Jean Chalopin and Singaporean most like model Ethel Fong. Tanis relocated around a great deal throughout the girl childhood, subsequent her father all over the world, and had lived within six distinct countries by the time she had been sixteen. This particular not merely allowed her to talk several languages, moreover made her a young child of the world.

Tanis' multi-cultural life's a fixed impact on her music. The girl mixes in her own cultural beginnings with the western traditions the lady grew up in and her lyrics converse not only of affection however additionally loss plus a search to locate her strategies by the big and sophisticated world.

Tanis 'father wanted to play music while he was young, however couldn't afford that at the time. Because of this, he actually hoped to show his children all about music. Your day Tanis Single has been received on the planet, there was the violin awaiting her. As soon as Tanis Singer touched the particular piano, the lady by no means ceased again. From that point, Music has been the woman's real love through that time. She now enjoys playing piano, guitar, and also drums. Music may be the focus of her life, which her creative life increased increasingly, in addition to acting and also photography.

Tanis Singer also devotes the girl time and coronary heart into fundraiser for kids inside want. Whenever she had been 13 years, while living in Beijing, the lady became area of the non-profit home and orphanage for babies deserted because of medical disorders. To assist these children get better, and get the funds they necessary for profitable surgery, Tanis decided to use art, inside specific digital photography, to considerably assist assist this program. The girl first pictures book was posted whenever she was simply 14 years of age. This resulted in different opportunities such as being asked to Indonesia to photograph the “lost children of Indonesia” among in order to so many additional achievements.

To get more information thorugh Ce n'est pas moi (It is not me).